Incredible 3" Patent Drawing Pendant/Pin

Incredible 3" Patent Drawing Pendant/Pin


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We are a team of highly experienced Patent Illustrators that offers accurate patent drawings for our clients at a competitive turn around time. We are proficient in Utility, Design Patent Drawing accurately correcting USPTO Office Action. We will work with your patent attorney or IP Law Firm to get you the best drawing possible.

Compliance Assurance

Compliance assurance in Patent Illustrations requires nothing more than a good track record of doing the job professionally and on time. The illustrators at ASCADEX Patent Illustrating Services, LLC has prepared formal drawings for some of the largest corporations and Intellectual Property Law firms in the country since 2004. We believe that a good patent drawing is not only the key to successfully communicating your your ideas to the US Patent and Trademark office and getting your well deserved patent for your invention, but also a high quality professional document that will serve as a good public record for many years to come. We have prepared drawings for countless patent application and all of them were granted by the USPTO.


All of our illustrators are also experienced in other areas of design. This experience enables them to discern the design principles more clearly. When it comes to your project, they are able to understand quickly not just the patent drawing, but the entire scope of the invention and its patentability thus, enabling them to communicate your ideas more clearly in your patent drawing.

We are located in Palm Beach, Florida, USA.

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