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I have an invention and I need information about getting a patent drawing. How does the process works?

New Patent Attorneys usually send us their NDA follow by a ready-to-draw images for a quote. For individual inventors however, many do not have a ready to draw image. So we help them every step of the way.

First, the process often begins with the signing of a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) If you you have you own NDA, fill it up with our information below and send it the address below or send it via our email below for review and signing. If you don't have an NDA you can DOWNLOAD our free blank Word Document NDA. Click DOWNLOAD

Second, email the NDA file to: drawings@ascadex.com. We review your NDA, sign it and send it back to you.

Third, Send Us Any Accurate Sketches, Photos, CAD Files, Prototype etc...Note: we cannot answer many of your questions accurately without first reviewing your invention.

Finally, we review the files and images you send us, maybe have a brief 15 minutes discussion and give you an estimate, including turn-around time and many more.

What is your design process?

The following description is beneficial for individual inventors who may need help deciding what drawing views to submit with their patent application.

After we get a basic understanding of your invention via email or a phone call we suggest relevant figures or views that we think will bring out the core features of your invention. The suggestion basically paints a word picture of the drawing views we can create. You can review the suggestions, add to it, modify it or even cancel irrelevant drawings on the list. Once you are happy with the suggested drawing we will give a quote for the drawing you have chosen. Next we complete the drawing on the turn-around time and send you a draft for review. 

More information can be found in the book The Secrets To Avoiding Strong Drawings & Weak Patent. Published by ASCADEX.

I use to work in-house in a large patent law firm preparing drawings for a bunch a patent attorneys. Every now and then an attorney will be going to court to defend an invention idea. One thing I always notice is they will request a blow-up of my drawings for exhibit. 

See, the drawing may not be the most important thing now until you have to prove your invention in court. The drawing may be your only hope so its important to pay close attention to the quality of your drawing. At ASCADEX, we look into the future and we prepare drawings that can defend itself in the future. Whatever money you invest in your drawings now will more than worth it in the future.

How is your work different from other designers?

This is a good question. Other patent illustrators are just that. Patent illustrators. We however are not simply interested in creating your drawings. We do that for patent lawyers because patent lawyers know exactly what they want. From our experience, many inventors needs the extra help. They need to be comfortable to ask their questions and have it answer in a way that they understands. They may need direction as to where to go next. They need us to be the person they can brainstorm with.

More information can be found in the book The Secrets To Avoiding Strong Drawings & Weak Patent. Published by ASCADEX.

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