Pricing For Utility or Provisional & Non Provisional Patent Drawing - Starts From $30 Per Figure depending on the complexity of your project.

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A Note On Utility Patent Drawing Pricing


We treat Utility Patent Drawing and Provisional Patent Drawing the same when pricing because they are the same kind of drawing. Read This Article


Inventors are often interested in the process of getting their drawings - the price and turn-around time, how many drawings is necessary etc.. All without disclosing the invention to us. The reality is we can never discern the level of complexity of a certain a project unless we first review what the inventor have to disclose to us. From our experience, Utility or Provisional Patent Drawing Projects can be as simple as a flow chart, or as complex as an engine of a car or aircraft. We have drawn it all. Sometimes just one Figure in a drawing project can be more difficult and complex as compare to 20 Figures of another drawing. There are many other factors to consider.  Read this from IPWatchdog

Drawing disclosures from inventors and patent attorneys comes in many different forms. Photos, videos, 3D models, written descriptions, rough sketched etc..It is always good to give the Patent Illustrator accurate and clear informal materials that shows your invention especially if it is complex. Depending on your invention we may be tracing a simple image or a complex image with no changes to the orientation  or image needed. For some utility invention drawing projects we may be require to create new drawing base on a concept or another image. Such images cannot simply be traced, it must be completely recreated. Clear images or sketches and 3D models will help us bring out the best in your invention. For 3D models, STEP files, Edrawing or any 3D file will be beneficial. 

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