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Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Creativity is the natural quest for originality. As children, we created imaginary worlds and scenes, we make funny sounds and dances. We spent countless hours per day creating our own form of art and toys. As we get older however, some of us slowly begin to lose the creativity spark. Suddenly, we stopped attempting to build objects or draw a picture that pleased us. The creativity section in our brain started to dwindle in size due to fear of negativism.

Researchers used the term “brain plasticity” to describe the growth of the brain. If your brain is bombarded by fear of many things in your daily life or negative emotions, the temporal lobe

can physically begin to shrink thus, increasing the size of the amygdala. As the amygdala grows, it starts to increase its radar in terms of looking for something to be afraid of, even if there is nothing to be afraid of. For example, it starts to look for a reason to not start, or a reason to give up. It starts to pay more attention to what people will think about the idea, the drawing we create, the song we are singing, or even the journey we are planning to take in our lives.

The truth is you can get back your creativity again. In this blog series, we will explore ways you can recognize, develop and recapture your creativity. In time, the skills that you have infused into your subconscious mind will be at your fingertips. The only requirement is that you take the necessary action in fine tuning your Power of Creativity. In the next post we will discuss some benefits of being creative but in the main time try this exercise of the day. I called this Creative Habits. For the next 25 post, we will give you a habit to work on beginning with habit number one below.

25 Creativity Habits

Just like anything else in your life, being creative means having habits that support you. Without creativity habits, mental blocks can easily slip in and make life miserable. As we go through some of the Creativity Habits, you may recognize that some of them are similar to productivity and laser focus habits. Practicing what you read here will help you in many areas of your life, not just your creativity.

1. Having a routine is essential. By setting up how you get into a motivated state, work in the same time slots and what your sleeping/waking hours will be…is a huge benefit to you. The proper sleep is very important. Your creativity will suffer if you are tired and if you do not lead a healthy lifestyle.

While Hollywood has shown creative people as hard drinking, party time folks, this is not what creativity really is. Many who lead such a life style often suffer the consequences.

Starting your day off with the right amount of sleep, a proper breakfast and plenty of water, will help you with your laser focus. You need to hone-in on one creative idea at a time and focus is key. Get motivated to be creative by having items or people around you that spark your imagination and drive. Before COVID I use to frequent bookstores like Barns & Nobles etc. to be inspire. Look out Creative Habit number 2.

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