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A NOTE ABOUT DESIGN PATENT DRAWINGS - For Design Patent Application the drawings submitted must fully disclose the shape of the invention. Nothing must be left to conjecture. Views you need are Top, Bottom, Front, Rear, Right Side, Left Side and of course Isometric or Perspective View. Depending on the shape of the object you may need additional views to clearly and satisfactorily disclose the shape of your invention the first time.  We need a good 3D model file to work from Ex: (.Step, .Iges, .Dwg, Solidworks File etc.), Or send us clear photos, accurate sketches or prototypes if possible for review. Design patent drawing is the benchmark for all patent illustration as the drawing forms the entire claim. No explanation is needed for your invention as the drawing is the explanation!. Each Figure Is Examined Individually By The Patent Office. Read this article.


Drawing must show all standard sides of the product plus at least one perspective view in an accurate and consistent manner throughout each view with proper shading to avoid Patent Office rejection. We understand the patent process well therefore our approach to your design drawing will be to protect your claim and avoid USPTO rejection. If we spot a potential future problem with your drawing we will let you know after reviewing the project. Due to our far-sighted ability, we don't accept all cases however, if we do accept your case, we stay with it until you get your patent. We shoot For 110% accuracy. ASCADEX have completed thousands of Design Patent Application drawing of some of the most complex shape all of which were when pursued were granted by the USPTO. Partial drawings of some projects are shown below. Read our blog on Design Patent Drawing.

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